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MABARULI Solitaire MTB Challenge 

 | 241 km | 140 Brave souls| 20 Staff | 4 Water Points

We support - You race

Mabaruli Solitaire MTB Challenge 2020 was a HUGE success, and 2021 are promising to be BIGGER! Mabaruli Cycling Events are proud to be hosting the Mabaruli Solitaire MTB Challenge again.
We were stocked and astounded by how quickly the rider spots were sold out in 2020 and the enthusiasm of sponsors were overwhelming. 

The Mabaruli Solitaire MTB Challenge is a 1-Day, 241 km fully supported Mountain Bike Gravel Road Challenge hosted in Namibia. 2 am start, Yes, it’s early, but you can thank us later.

The journey will start at Arebbusch Lodge via the well-known Kupferberg Pass to the “Borde” on the C26, turning left towards the Remhoogte Pass and finishing in the famous southern little town Solitaire, renowned for its apple pie, red dunes and hot air ballooning. Riders will have the privilege of traversing two passes then drop from the Khomas Hochland into the legendary Namib Desert and finally enjoy the last flat 14 km to cold beer, “potjiekos” and spit braai.

The Mabaruli Solitaire MTB Challenge ride is where the journey is as important as the destination. It is about the variation and beauty of this incredible country. Make no mistake the Mabaruli Solitaire MTB Challenge is a tough, but extremely rewarding ride…if you have prepared your backside.


SOLO/2 Man/women/mix TEAM: (Incl. *Transport) N$ (50 riders spots) (Event and all meals)

SOLO/2 Man/women/mix TEAM: (Own Transport) N$ (90 riders spots) (Event and all meals)

Including a “Dankie Tannie” bag, support crew, four water points, bike and rider transfer, snack table, medic, camera crew, bike mechanic, sweeper, dinner, breakfast, and a prize giving.

*INCL Transport option only for riders in Mabaruli Overland Trucks with Bike trailers.

SPECTATORS/SUPPORT. Better half/friend (N$ pp.) and children U/12 (N$  pp. U/5 FOC) are WELCOME in own Transport. (Breakfast and Dinner Included. Lunch not included for spectators.)

ACCOMMODATION CHARGED EXTRA; (it is not part of your entry fee, but need to book through Mabaruli)

Mabaruli Tente Dorp: N$ pp sharing OR N$  pp single Camping includes: Camp fee, tent, sleeping bag, pillow, mattress, and stretcher. We will set-up camp for you.

OWN CAMPING: N$  pp Adult and N$  kids U/12

ROOMS: N$  pp single (Kids U/12 N$) (Kids U/5 FOC)

(Limited Rooms at Solitaire Country Lodge & Desert Farm)





205km (give & take a few meters)

After 6 months of lockdown, the Namibian Government ended travel restrictions and curfews, on the 18th of September 2020, in light of a drop in new Covid-19 cases. A WEEK before the very FIRST Mabaruli-Solitaire MTB Challenge – it was nail-biting times, but we could continue with the Challenge on the 26th of September 2020.

Not just was all the cyclist “hungry” to get out of the capitol city & towns, but they were eager to get back on their bikes & participate in a “race” again, after numerous cycle events were cancelled during the lockdown.

Participated numbers needed to be kept low, due to caterings and events limited to 100 and as Event Managers we also had to make the choice to not allow any spectators, families, and kids due to everyone’s own health safety and keeping to the catering restriction, as there was already 20+ staff with the brave 75 brave cyclist that entered the race!

25 September 2020 – Registration was held the Friday at the starting point at Arebbusch Travel Lodge,

Riders enjoyed Draft Beer on tap & great specials on Take Away Pizza’s. (PS: New Research reveals that having a few beers the night before a big race, could actually enhance athletic performance!) It probably also helped some of the cyclist to relax & help the brain go to sleep, as it was a very early start the next day!

While cyclist was listening to the briefing, all bikes was loaded on special Bike trailers, ready for the next morning’s early start (04h00) to transfer in 5 Overland Trucks to the “Borde” (35km)!! Here at the “Borde” bikes were off loaded from the trailers & riders got ready for the Start of 05h00!!

MC – Patrick de Goede stood on top of a Cruiser, said a prayer to all riders, wishing everyone a safe 205km & great cycle ahead to Solitaire!! And the cyclist was off!!

Water Point 1 at 85km, Cycletec manned with lots of goodies to enjoy. Oh boy that Dadel & peanut butter balls was a winner!! Here Cycletec also had a tech support for all riders helping with lube of bikes ect. Here it was also 4-person team change over point, where the Overland vehicle took those who finished to 167km Water Point 2 at Remhoogte Pass, manned by Solitaire personnel. Music was pumping here, riders enjoyed a cold beer and got ready for the last 38km to the end at Solitaire!

Solo & 2 Persons Teams, finished the whole 205km, where the 4 Persons Tea, distances was as follow: First 2 Riders, 84km. Next 2 ride 83km. Entire team rides the last 38km as a team. Each rider cycled about 122km, give, and take a few meters.

There were Sweeper vehicles & Ambulance on the road, making sure all cyclists are well & if needed a ride, they were more than welcome to jump on one of the vehicles. As this is a Challenge, not a Race, but some decided it would become a race!


2020 FINISING TIMES 205km:

75 Riders completed & finished, here is just a few finished times:

Top 10 SOLO MEN:

  1. Morne Nell 7 hours, 48 minutes
  2. Frank Bombosch 7 hours, 50 minutes
  3. JG van Graan 8 hours, 0 minutes
  4. Pierre Lambert 8 hours, 5 minutes
  5. Wim Steenkamp 8 hours, 41 minutes
  6. Andre Hall 8 hours, 33 minutes
  7. Stephen Chamberlain 8 hours, 38 minutes
  8. Marius Kruger 8 hours, 45 minutes
  9. Martin Freyer 8 hours, 45 minutes
  10. Johan Fourie 9 hours, 11 minutes


  1. Wilmien Chamberlain 8 hours, 38 minutes
  2. Sam Geyser & Lonel Smith 9 hours, 19 minutes
  3. Nina Holtrop & Christiane Beulker 9 hours, 36 minutes


  1. Gunnar Von Dewitz & Marius Boonzaaier 10 hours, 13 minutes
  1. Brian van Rensburg & Wynandt Gouws 10 hours, 16 minutes
  1. Gustav Gous & Hanli Jacobs 11 hours, 08 minutes


  1. Team Megatron 8 hours, 44 minutes - FA Gerberg, Pierre Knoetze, Duan Spangenberg & Roual Spangenberg.
  1. Team Amphibian 9 hours, 41 minutes - Robert Groenewaldt, Dickson Vambe, Dave Hammond & Gideon Nasilowski.
  1. Dassies 9 hours, 56 minutes - Louis van Graan, Chris Spangenberg, Nicole Spangenberg & Ricard Meeks.

Our Sloth Finishers, 2 Person Team, the SPIN TWINS, Father & Son duo, Danie & Daniel F Small finished at 12 hours, 35 minutes. They won an Entry to 2021 Mabaruli-Solitaire MTN Challenge!!!


Edward Frederick School Food Clinic

With Mabaruli African Safaris, UK Partner – Exodus Travels approached Mabaruli to fund a local Namibian Community with their Community Kickstart Project (Community Kickstart Project | Exodus) and we knew just the right people to approach with this – it was The Solitaire Conservation Fund (SCF) charity who regularly deliver food supplements to the local school - Edward Fredericks Primary, in Uibes, with 150 students

When COVID-19 caused Edward Fredericks School to close, the children who relied on the daily hot meals the school provided were left without. And with tourism coming to an abrupt halt, many of the children’s family’s income stopped almost overnight making it difficult for them to cover the cost of food.

With the 2020 Mabaruli Solitaire MTB Challenge, the event managed to raise a whopping N$ 42 764.00 from donations from the following companies:

NOC – Namibia Oncology Centre (NOC)

Nedbank Namibia -

Exodus Travels -

Namibia Radiology

A Massive thanks to the above companies for their generous sponsor towards the Edward Frederick School Food Clinic!

How can you help make a difference?

Contact Marian Midzi – Community Outreach Manager at Solitaire –


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